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Air-Plenum Box
Air-plenum Box
A one-piece 20-gauge steel box (pictured at left) that provides a one-hour smoke-and-burn rating for the patented acoustic chamber. Used in air plenum or garage installations.
 Adapter Bars
Used for mounting the patented Posh injection-molded enclosure into drop-tile or 24" on-center framing.
  Appearance-matched Retro Baffle
Baffle plate used in retrofit installations when it is necessary to match the appearance (grille) of an existing 528, 835, or 928. The 9-3/4" x 11-1/2" x 1-1/2" baffle plate is inserted through a 10" hole in the drywall and is then secured directly to the drywall using adhesive or drywall screws. The Appearance-matched Retro baffle is compatible with R, R2, and Square grilles.
  Ball and Socket Bracket
The Posh ball and socket mounting bracket is a single-point mounting system for both the P and T series bookshelf speakers. Available in black or white.
  Grille Extension Pins
A set of four snap-on pins that allow a grille to accommodate unusual ceiling or wall thicknesses. (The standard grille accommodates approximately 1-1/2".)
  Demo Packaging
Special packaging used for shipping a fully assembled molded enclosure with the baffle "wings" intact for demonstration purposes. Includes an expansion foam inner carton and protective outer carton.
Rough In Brackets
New construction rough in brackets are available for the following Posh speakers, Solution Series 4.0, Solution Series 5.0, Solution Series 6.0, 5.25 Retro and CIW 6.5 chambered in wall speaker. Please see cut sheets for example.
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