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Recent Posh Installation

Wood Ranch Barbeque & Grille, The Grove at the Farmer's Market, CA

Installed by: DMX Music; Designed by: Michael Kalmanson, Senior Systems Engineer, Premiere Accounts - DMX Music
Posh Products: 37 P2 surface mount speakers; 27 5.25 Retro Speakers

Wood Ranch Barbeque & Grille, located in the middle of the newest and most upscale Outdoor Shopping Center in California, The Grove at the Farmer's Market, is one of the finest Barbeque Fine Dining Restaurants in California. By 5:00 PM on the weekends, and by 6:00 every other day there is well over an hour and a half wait.

The success of this restaurant is largely due to the incredible attention to detail, by owner's Eric and Opher. Nothing escapes their watchful eyes. When Eric approached Michael Kalmanson, Senior Systems Engineer, Premiere Accounts of DMX Music, Inc. he gave the following requirements.
  • Absolutely top quality, full range sound throughout the entire dining and bar areas, with literally "club quality" in the Bar.
  • Eric's greatest complaint about sound in his other restaurants, as well as restaurants in general was that some diners were exposed to the music being too high, while other diners could not hear the music at all. He demanded that every diner enjoy the incredible DMX music equally.
  • The system needed to come in right on budget, which was substantial, but not extravagant.
Accomplishing Eric's need for guaranteed uniformity of coverage was not an easy task. Within each master zone, for example the main dining or the bar there are multiple ceiling types and heights, and diners (or drinkers) in all of the areas. In the dining area there are raised seating areas with a gypboard ceiling of 8'6", and open beamed areas of 11'. Each ceiling height area was divided into separate volume zones, as using different taps would not accomplish the task. At such close distances Inverse Square becomes the most critical factor.

Additionally, within each volume zone, minimum overlap coverage was utilized to insure uniformity of seat to seat coverage. Once the volume zones within a given general zones were balanced, using pink noise, the volume controls were covered with security panels, and Remote Master Source Selector Volume Controls are used exclusively by the staff.

Not many 6500 square ft restaurant utilize 37 Posh P2-T Speakers and 27 Posh Retro 525 Speakers. Many systems engineers as well as clients would consider it massive overkill. The results, however were stunning. When measured, using a Gold Line Pink Noise Generator and a DSP30 RTA, the level within each zone, measured any where in the zone was +/- 1 dB at any seat in the house.

Eric declared the coverage throughout the restaurant to be absolutely perfect. Perhaps the greatest proof of his happiness with the Posh product, correctly utilized, is that four days after opening the restaurant, he, without any hesitation or negotiating over price, signed a contract for a similar system for his restaurant under construction in Rancho Santa Margarita. Kudo's to Posh for providing a product that allows such sophistication in design and sound quality at an affordable price.

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