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Archived Posh Installation

Highland Park Village
54 P-2 White Surface Mount Speakers; 14 525 Retro Ceiling Speakers

Highland Park Village is an upscale, 17,000 sq. ft., shopping complex. Patrons there drive Mercedes, shop at Prada, and buy tiny pastries for up to $17 each. They expect quality. Therefore, I knew only a quality loudspeaker would do.

At the same time, property management was concerned about reliability, aesthetics, price, and that we have the entire property installed before the Holiday season-3 weeks away.

With Posh I knew I could satisfy all criteria. I was able to supply a quality of sound that would rival any commercial speaker out there, and do it for a slightly lower price. Because of the 5-year warranty and the way the company stands behind its product, I felt confident in suggesting Posh. And, finally, due to the fast and reliable delivery process at Posh, we were able to fill the streets with our Holiday music in time to compliment the decorations and horse-drawn carriages that mark the season at Highland Park Village.

Reagan Jones
Dallas, TX

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