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6.0 Ceiling
ADI Part Number: XV-SS60
The Solutions 6.0 ceiling speaker is designed specifically for commercial or custom jobs where sound quality is of utmost importance. The ported 6.5 inch coaxial design with pivoting tweeter provides rich deep bass and smooth midrange, with superior high-end frequencies. The Posh Solutions 6.0 also offers a smaller grille size than many other comparably sounding speakers. The Solutions 6.0 comes with both 8 ohm and a beefy 30 watt 70/100 volt variable wattage selector switch. As with all the speakers in the Posh Solutions series, the 6.0 comes fully assembled and is packed with all necessary mounting hardware. New construction rough in brackets available. Click here for Ease Data.

5.0 Ceiling
ADI Part Number: XV-SS50
The Solutions 5.0 ceiling speaker is a ported 5.25 inch coaxial design which combines surprisingly full bass response with the smooth high end frequencies of a quality soft dome tweeter. Again the consumer desire for a pivoting tweeter and the low profile grille makes this speaker an ideal choice for custom installers and their 8 ohm clients. At the same time the completely assembled 15-watt transformer with variable wattage taps gives the commercial installer the flexibility needed to complete jobs on time and well within budget. The Posh Solutions 5.0 comes pair packed with all necessary mounting hardware. New construction rough in brackets available. Click here for Ease Data.

4.0 Ceiling
ADI Part Number: XV-SS40
The Solutions 4.0 ported ceiling speaker is a four inch coaxial design, which offers a warm, pleasing full range sound while achieving well defined high end frequency response. The Solutions 4.0 can be retrofitted into any hard lid or drop tile ceiling. The speaker has a very low profile grille and the entire enclosure is only four inches deep, which allows it to fit into many spaces where other speakers just don't have room. A 3/4" swivel tweeter and a selector switch that allows either 8 ohm or 70/100 volt variable wattage taps makes this a superior entry-level speaker for either home or commercial applications. It also comes pair packed with all mounting hardware, including an ingenious grille puller that doubles as a wattage tap adjusting tool. New construction rough in brackets available. Click here for Ease Data.

P-1 Surface Mount
ADI Part Numbers: XV-P1WUL (White) XV-P1BUL (Black)

NEW~! All models USA & Canadian UL Certified~!
The Posh P1 Surface Mount Speaker is a compact, high performance 4 inch two-way system designed for indoor or outdoor applications. The rugged injection molded ABS enclosure available in black or white, with a steel U-bracket for mounting either vertically or horizontally. Its trapezoidal design not only creates an acoustically centered sound stage typically found in more expensive speakers, but allows the P1 to be mounted close to walls, corners or ceilings. The P1 may be used as a standalone full-range monitor, or satellite in a three-way satellite subwoffer system. When a small speaker is needed, but sound performance cannot be sacrificed, the P1 is the solution. The Posh P1 surface mount speaker will fit into almost any commercial or residential application, offering high audio quality in a costeffective package.

P-2 Surface Mount
ADI Part Numbers: XV-P2BT15UL (White) XV-P2BT15UL (Black)

NEW~! All models USA & Canadian UL Certified~!

New~! High performance 30-watt UL models in stock~!

XV-P2BT30UL (White) XV-P2BT30UL (Black)

The Posh P2 Surface Mount Speaker is an incredible sounding 5.25" two-way system that consistently outperforms speakers costing twice as much. This speaker delivers excellent full-range response with exceptional three-dimentional imaging and musicality. The trapezoidal enclosure, available in black or white, is made of injectionmolded ABS, which delivers an acoustically centered sound stage typical of much more expensive speakers. The extended bandwidth design allows the P2 to be used as either a full-range monitor,or a satellite in a three-way satellite/subwoofer system. The P2 Surface Mount Speaker, with its high performance, attractive appearance, weather resistance, and competitive price makes it a highly desirable speaker for virtually any commercial or residential application.

CIW 6.5 In-Wall
ADI Part Number: XV-SSCIW65
The Posh CIW 6.5 Chambered In-Wall Speaker is a cost-effective way to gain exceptional sound quality in a controlled acoustic environment. Utilizing a 6.5" coaxial driver with a 3/4" hard-dome tweeter and a computer-designed porting system, the CIW6.5 delivers impressive bass response and well-defined high frequencies. The coaxial design makes this speaker ideal for either in-wall or in-ceiling applications, maintaining consistent sound quality no matter how large the dead space in the wall or ceiling.The injection-molded polystyrene acoustic chamber provides consistent predictable performance in all applications by controlling the air space behind the wall. This creates an effective vapor barrier and controls 2nd and 3rd order harmonics, virtually eliminating standing waves inside the wall.

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